European Cup Group Stage-Group A, Group B, Group C

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Continuing the 2022 World Cup craze, the 2024 European Cup will set off another wave of football craze!This article discusses the group stages of Group A, Group B, and Group C.

European Cup Group Stage-Group A, Group B, Group C

Continuing the 2022 World Cup craze, the 2024 European Cup will set off another wave of football craze!This article discusses the group stages of Group A, Group B, and Group C.

Group A (Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Hungary)

As the host nation this time, Germany will play Scotland to kick off the European Cup . The German team has participated in fourteen tournaments and won three European Cup championships. They have reached the top four in the past two tournaments. In addition, Lou Wei will play in the European Cup. After the game, he stepped down as the coach and handed it over to Felik. This time the game is played at home, making fans look forward to whether the German team can once again challenge for the championship! ?

Germany and Scotland have played against each other a total of 4 times, with the German team winning a resounding victory. Fans in this game were also one-sided, believing that Germany would win again. Switzerland has also played against Germany 4 times, but there were 3 draws. Hungary has achieved 2 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws in six games. It seems that Germany will not be able to easily qualify.

But in fact, most fans are still optimistic about Germany and Switzerland. Germany is partly because the coach will be Julian Nagelsmann. Although his coaching career is still young, he has achieved excellent results and was even crowned The titles of “genius coach” and “successful coach” also make people look forward to how he will lead the German team to victory in this European Cup!

Switzerland had an upset victory over France in the last European Cup, but its performance in the qualifying group this time was mediocre and not particularly outstanding. In the end, it achieved four wins, five draws and one loss. However, because of that game, the fans were still disappointed. Looking forward to Switzerland.

Group B (Italy, Spain, Croatia, Albania)

This group is called the “death group” of this year. Italy is the champion of the 2020 European Cup. Whether it can defend the championship is one of the highlights of this tournament. Spain also achieved 7 wins and 1 loss in the qualifying rounds. The strength of these two teams makes the other two teams look lacklustre.

Spain’s Rodri and Pedri also participated in this year’s European Cup, as well as rookie Lamine Yamal and 17-year-old Pau Cubarsi, but the Spanish team needs For those who are going to participate in the Champions League final, in order to avoid any surprises, several more players have been called up as substitutes, so the list has not yet been fully confirmed.

In Croatia, only Luka Modric, the “Magic Flute”, is more famous, but at the age of 38, he still has an influence on the team, but the overall team seems unable to keep up with him. He was also assigned to the death group, and the chance of promotion was very slim.

Group C (England, Denmark, Slovenia, Serbia)

The “Three Lions” England are one of the favorites to win the 2020 European Cup . They lost to Italy in the final penalty kick and finished second. They should be able to easily pass the group stage;

In fact, England’s performance in international competitions in recent years has been pretty good, but it always falls short. Can England defeat its inner demons this time? ?

In addition, Denmark also had a grudge with England in the last European Cup. They met in the semi-finals and played in a playoff. In the end, they lost 2:1 with hatred. This time they met in the same group. I believe that the two The duel between the two teams will definitely be as exciting as that game!

Serbia and Slovenia have a high chance of being eliminated in the group stage. Let’s talk about Serbia first. They were assigned to the “weakest group” in the qualifiers. Just when the outside world thought they could achieve good results smoothly, the reality turned out to be different from the ideal. Going in the opposite direction and finishing second behind Hungary, the team’s situation seems to be less than ideal this year.

Next is Slovenia. They are participating in the European Cup for the second time. They are currently ranked 57th in the world. Compared with England (4) and Denmark (21), there is a large ranking gap. In addition, the experience gap may make them This time in the first round, they can only compete with Serbia for third place in the group.